Guild Wars 2 – An Update!

Guild Wars 2, released in August 2012 for PC, has a new episode for its living story that was released on the 8th of February 2017. Not only has it been eagerly awaited by fans and players, but offers players the ability to see what is next in the storyline of this game. This is the 4th episode in the 3rd season of the Guild Wars 2 story and will give more details into the White Mantel as well as what will happen to Kryta as the White Mantel increase their efforts against Kryta and its people. As someone who has played GW2 on and off since the day of it’s release, I feel like this is something we can all look forward to.

What to Look Forward to

While the story of the White Mantel and Kryta continues, there are many other additions to the game that players can look forward to. ArenaNet has added in new achievements for the players as well as a new raid and new zone. Not only does this expand the game outward but gives players more to do once they have completed the storyline. They will also appreciate the new rewards that are offered such as legendary weapons, equipment, minis, and other items. There are even new reward tracks that have been added for both World vervus World and Player versus Player.

Updated Content

ArenaNet has also added in updates to the content of the game for players to enjoy such as new features to the Guild Hall. For instance, new decorations have been added that players can add to their Guild Halls that include raid pieces, trophies, statues, and even furnishings like chandeliers and rugs. This opens more customization of the space while allowing players to enjoy the new additions. Other updated content includes a revamped Fractal of the Mist, Thaumanova Reactor, to improve the gameplay and quality. Players who do Fractals with any kind of frequency will notice and appreciate these improvements.

Black Lion Trading

The newest living story release has also added to the Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store as well which now offers many new items that can be purchased for your characters. Some of these additions include limited time offers such as the Devoted weapon skins that are currently up for purchase and the White Mantel Appearance kit which is also up for a short period of time. However, while purchasing the newest shop items can be fun, other changes have been made as well including The Black Lion Chest being changed to the Lake Doric Chest which now offers various new items for players to use and enjoy.


Whether you are just starting to play Guild Wars 2 or have been playing since the beginning, the changes that have been made will only make the game better than it was before. With the addition of new activities as well as the continuation of the story, players will soon see that things are only beginning to heat up. Though many are still looking forward to the other upcoming possibilities that this game must offer as there are so many more areas that have yet to be opened for gameplay as well as places that are yet to be explored by ArenaNet for expansion.